What is SPOT™?

SPOT™ is a patent pending, specially designed mat that provides a framework for safe, effective movement.  Through its structure of horizontal and vertical lines, quadrants, concentric circles and ovals, along with an organized system of colors, SPOT™ enables the user to visualize distances in a specific, contained manner.  

Precision, accuracy, and consistency in all planes of movement, dependent on the needs of each exercise, can be achieved more readily by offering descriptive positioning of the body through its design.


Who is SPOT™ for?

SPOT™ is initially intended to be used by active fitness and health professionals, such as Physical Therapists or Personal Trainers, when working with their patients or clients.

No two people are the same in their body structure or physical capabilities, therefore SPOT™ is not meant to be a “one size fits all” approach.  Rather, it is meant to assist professionals when making decisions for one’s client or patient, based on their individual needs and performance level, as to the most effective and safest way to complete the desired movement.

SPOT™ empowers the working professional with immediate visual, verbal, and tactile cues to reinforce understanding, memory, and consistency when instructing one’s patient or client.

How is SPOT™ used?

SPOT™ allows fitness and health professionals to break down movement patterns for clients using fixed colors, lines, or quadrants as reference points based on the requirements of the intended exercise.  For example, one can simply say "Reach forward to Light Green", "Maintain your heels on the middle White Line", or "Leap to the Second Quadrant".

Progress can be measured through SPOT™ as a client develops greater flexibility or range of motion with particular movements as they move further into new colors.  The clients can see this improvement as well as they continue to work towards their goals.